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Stop Smoking - Tips and Slogans For Quitting Smoking

How To Stop Smoking Tips

Using creative ads and slogans for Anti Smoking to fight smoking epidemics: Smoking is an expensive, unattractive and unhealthy addiction. There are many good reasons to stop smoking, but it's not an easy thing to do. You can help yourself and others quit smoking permanently with these stop smoking tips and slogans for anti smoking campaigns.

Stop Smoking Tips:

  1. Prepare yourself to quit smoking. Don't just try to do it without any preparation.
  2. Pick a target date to stop smoking.
  3. Get rid of all the ashtrays and smoking materials in the house.
  4. Choose a healthy new habit to substitute for that cigarette. For instance, every time you want a cigarette, get a glass of water instead.
  5. Get support. It's hard to quit smoking alone. Join a support group or seek help from an online quit smoking program.
  6. Talk to your doctor about help to quit smoking. Your doctor can prescribe a nicotine patch or nicotine gum to help you eliminate tobacco cravings.
  7. Reward yourself for not smoking. Each time you don't smoke a cigarette you want, drop a quarter into a jar because you just saved 25 cents. Once a week, treat yourself to something special with all the money that you saved by not smoking.
  8. Figure out when you are most likely to smoke, and have a plan to handle cravings at those times. Do you have a cigarette after meals? Get into the habit of taking a walk instead. Your waistline will thank you!
  9. If you're a first-thing-in-the-morning smoker, brush your teeth as soon as you get up. A cigarette tastes just nasty right after you brush your teeth.
  10. Banish cigarette smoking from your house. If youíre not smoking in your house, why should anyone else? You'll find it far easier to stick to your resolve if others aren't smoking in your home.

Where to Get Help for Your Stop Smoking Efforts:

One of the best tips to help you quit smoking is "Don't go it alone." Smoking is a habit that includes a physical addiction to nicotine. It will be much easier to quit smoking if you've got some help in your corner. These are some places you can get help to quit smoking.

  1. Your doctor or health care provider can help you with prescriptions for nicotine products like chewing gum and nicotine patches. They'll help cut the craving for nicotine by gradually weaning you off of it.
  2. A hypnotherapist can help you quit smoking by using anti-smoking suggestions.
  3. Your health insurance company might cover the cost of quit smoking support groups that are held at a local hospital, clinic or community center.
  4. Call your local hospital to find out if they offer smoking cessation support groups to help you get through the first few months of not smoking.
  5. There are many stop smoking products on the market that can help you quit smoking -- nicotine gum, herbal stop smoking supplements, anti-smoking filters and even e-cigarettes that simulate the feeling of smoking.

Anti Smoking Posters to Help Spread the Word:

Is your club, class or group putting together an anti smoking campaign? Anti smoking posters are a great tool to help spread the word about the hazards of smoking -- and to inspire smokers to quit with positive quit smoking slogans. Hereís a collection of slogans for anti smoking campaigns and posters and some suggestions for coming up with your own.

One good approach for anti smoking slogans is the appeal to the pocketbook. Slogans that point out how much it costs to smoke are powerful reinforcement for anti smoking campaigns. Some other financial anti smoking slogans include:

Another approach for your anti smoking posters is to show how un-cool it is to smoke. There have been some great anti smoking slogans that talk about how unattractive it is to smoke cigarettes. They include anti smoking slogans like:

Besides being the ultimate in not cool, smoking is an unattractive habit. Smoking makes people smell bad, turns your fingers yellow, makes your breath smell nasty and ages your skin. These anti smoking slogans talk about how unattractive it is to smoke cigarettes.

Of course, the most important reason to quit smoking is what it does to your health. Smoking kills. These anti smoking slogans focus on the damage that smoking does to your health and the health of those around you.