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Bargain airfares, bargain flights, hotels, cars, bargain this; bargain that. Some people live for the thrill to hunt for bargains wherever they can find any, and I completely understand their urge. Getting something worthwhile for less is a noble appetite that I could not fault anyone for. As a matter of fact, if you can show me any frequent flyer who doesn't like bargain airfare -- I will show you somebody who does not understand the value of money.

So, what is the secret to finding bargain flights, hotels, or even car rentals when you need it most? Well, some people have natural-knack for spotting good and hidden airfare bargain wherever there may be, and others are just clueless. Good news though, is that most bargains are born out of necessity. Airlines and hotels for instance, offer bargain flights deals when they could not sell all the available vacancies within specified period, or a specific destination. For example, if an airline scheduled a flight from destination "A" to destination "B" say on the 25th of the month for a round trip fare of $250, and on the 23rd -- just few days before departure, sold only half of the available space ... what will they do? Guess what, they will sell it at a bargain to fill the open space, even as cheap as $150 round trip. There are few other ways to get a hidden airfare bargain flights to wherever you want to go -- here are some examples:

Booking Websites:

Booking sites like "Priceline" and "Orbitz" are practically third-hands of the airlines when it comes to finding last minute passengers to fill available seats. Though this is not the preferred way for airlines to make money, due to the commission they have to pay to the booking agents; coupled with the already reduced fair. However, the winners are the travelers who are getting bargain airfare regardless of who is making or losing money between the airline, and the third party booking sites.

Packaged Deal:

Packaged deals are when the airlines, the hotels and the car rentals, pretty much pitched-in to offer deals together. This type of deal is probably the most bargains a traveler could get in one trip -- when he/she could save about 25% to 40% on airfare, hotels, and car rentals combined. Though packaged deals are usually the most bargains a traveler could get in a single trip, it does have few drawbacks. It's usually booked months in advance, even a year in advance in some cases -- so if you're the type who like to travel at spur of the moment, this will not be your type of bargain ideas. Booking sites are good place to shop for packaged deals at anytime -- but don't always guarantee the best deals all the time.

Email Alert through Airlines:

Airlines would rather sale discount tickets through their own website if they have customers in waiting. Instead of paying commissions to the booking sites on top of the already reduced airline tickets, some airline would use matching coupons and email alert to inform customers when there is bargain sales. This is actually a pretty good way to get bargain flight -- because all you do in register with the airline and whenever there is sale they will email you, and it does not cost you anything. You don't respond to the email if you're not interested, and if you're interested you pursue it.

With coupons, what the airlines do is match your fare, if you find cheaper deal with other airlines; or they will give you voucher of equal value for future flights. Most airlines do save third party commission when they book the passengers directly; either through their booking offices or their websites -- so don't be surprised if you find hidden airfare bargain through their websites once in every while.

Takeoff from Different Air Port:

You may wonder what departure airport has to do with anything, but you would be surprised to learn that it does matter a lot. Eight out of ten times, you will find that most flights from smaller regional airports are much cheaper than the bigger hubs. If you reside within 30 to 50 miles of small regional airport that have scheduled flights to many destinations, I would suggest that you check them out next time you book a flight. If any small regional airport schedules flight to your destination -- and you can drive to that airport within one hour ... it is worth checking-out. Remember, you could save more money that you ever imagined in this type of situations, if you're persistent enough.

Again, bargain airfare are always available if know where to look. Finding hidden airfare bargain are not always as difficult as it seems, if you're determined to find a bargain. Booking websites are your best bet when you need bargain flights right away. The deals may not always be as deep as you would like each time, but sometimes you may get lucky. The internet is another easy way for you to search for bargain fares, hotels, and car rentals -- so don't be a stranger, use the airlines directly, the booking sites and the internet as often as you can, when you hunt for bargains.