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Bargain Cruises - Cruise Package Deals

If you've been dreaming of going on a cruise but don't want to spend mega bucks for it, there are some tips on how to locate the best bargain cruises.

Tip # 1: Start surfing the Internet. Online shopping has become a common point of reference for most consumers. The same holds true for travelers looking to buy a cruise package for less money. There are numerous bargain cruises begging to be booked online. In fact if you type "bargain cruises" on any search box, you'll get about 263,000 pages that you can click on.

Tip # 2: Don't book the first bargain cruise that you're attracted to. Some online shoppers are easily taken in by marketing hype and splashy photos on the Web that they neglect to do the very first thing they should be doing: comparison shopping. Like I said earlier, the substantial number of cruise bargains being advertised on the Web is a good enough reason why you should compare prices.

Tip # 3: Don't rely solely on the price factor. Compare costs with respect to type of airline, hotel accommodations, meal plans, amenities offered (such as baggage handling and airport shuttles) and activities on board.

Tip # 4: Decide what kind of cruise you want and start your bargain hunting from there. For instance you have Alaska cruises (one of the most popular), Mexico cruises, Mediterranean cruises, singles cruises, celebrity cruises, and Disney cruise packages. Most cruise companies will offer considerable discounts at the last minute just to ensure full capacity. To them, selling a cabin at half price is much better than having an empty cabin during the entire length of the cruise. So speak to your cruise adviser and request that you be notified of last minute bargain cruises.

Tip # 5: Some online cruise sellers will usually post their cruise deals - look on their web site for either "deals," "last minute deals," "bargain cruises." etc. Some of the cruise fares start as low as $300.00. Imagine paying that price versus someone who booked the same cruise for $1,500.00!

As for Disney cruise packages, note that there are four common destinations: the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mediterranean and the Mexican Riviera. Even if they only cover four destinations and have a small fleet of ships, Disney cruises are an excellent way to take the whole family for a relaxing vacation.

When booking a Disney cruise package, you have to key in the following information so that the appropriate cruise information is sent to you:

Disney cruises last anywhere from three days to 14-day cruises to selected European destinations.