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Burgers Smokehouse - How To Cook Worlds Best Hamburger

How are your burgers? Does the whole neighborhood line up for seconds when you get out the grill and start slapping on your world famous hamburgers? If you want to be known for making the world's best hamburgers, you need to be using the world's best hamburger recipe.

Across the country, burger joints and steakhouses are now featuring Smokehouse Burgers, a yummy thick slab of the best beef combined with Burgers Smokehouse ham and cheddar cheese. These tasty burgers are worlds above your basic bacon cheddar cheeseburger from your local fast food joint. If you're looking for a spot as the world's best hamburger maker, then you really NEED this recipe for burgers smokehouse hamburgers, which may very well be the world's best hamburger recipe.

Before we get to the hamburger recipe, though, let's talk about making the perfect hamburger with ANY recipe. These tips from top burger chefs will make sure that no matter what you put into your burgers, everyone will swear that they're the best hamburgers in the world.

Ground Beef is Just Ground Beef -- or Is It?

Your finished hamburger can only be as good as the ground meat that you use to make it. If you thought that your choice of hamburger meat was limited to lean, extra-lean and extra-extra lean, you need to get to know your butcher!

Most of the flavor in hamburger comes from the fat in the meat, so that extra lean burger mince isn't going to cut it unless you really flavor it up. If you own a meat grinder, or have a friendly butcher, you can choose your own cuts of beef to grind up for hamburger. According to food expert Jeffrey Steingarten, the best hamburger blend for making awesome hamburgers is a mix of beef brisket, chuck steak and hanger steak. If you’re not quite that friendly with the butcher, go for a 50/50 mix of ground chuck and ground round.

Burgers Smokehouse - World’s Greatest Hamburger Recipe


Optional: Sweet barbecue sauce for basting burgers

  1. Toss cheddar, onions and crumbled Burgers Smokehouse bacon in a large bowl.
  2. Stir bacon, cheddar and onion mixture into hamburger with a spoon or fork.
  3. Add water, stir, and put it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before forming patties.
  4. When the hamburger mix is well-chilled, form it into four thick patties, handling it as little as possible.
  5. Just before placing burgers on the grill, sprinkle both sides liberally with salt and pat lightly into the meat. If desired, brush on barbecue sauce as well.
  6. Grill over hot coals for 3 minutes on each side for rare burgers, 4 minutes per side for medium burgers. If using barbecue sauce, baste the hamburgers lightly before and after turning.
  7. Sprinkle burgers lightly with pepper after removing them from the grill.
  8. Serve on grilled or toasted hamburger buns.

Make the Most of Burgers Smokehouse Hamburgers with These Expert Tips

Here are some more expert tips for making the world's best hamburgers. Even if you don't use our "World's Best Hamburger Recipe," these tips will make your burgers better than ever.

Have your butcher grind the meat three times.

Putting the ground beef through the meat grinder three times will make sure that all the fat in the meat gets distributed evenly. That means that your burgers will cook evenly and every single bite of your hamburgers will be equally juicy.

Keep the meat COLD.

Whether you're grinding the hamburger meat, mixing ground beef for hamburgers or making hamburger patties, make sure that your hamburger meat is icy cold before you handle it. You don't want any of the fats to melt before the meat hits the heat.

Use a light hand when making patties.

Don't squash your hamburger patties into shape or you'll be squashing out the flavor - literally. The hamburger should be full of little air pockets that can trap the fat and juices that melt while your hamburger is cooking. Compress your hamburger patties just enough to hold together on the grill.

Depress your hamburger patties.

Hamburger patties will swell up in the middle while they cook. The solution? Use your thumb to press a slight depression into the center of each hamburger patty. The center will swell up when the hamburger cooks and you'll have an even hamburger all the way across.

Grill, Don't Broil

Broiling burgers from above is more likely to dry out hamburger meat so skip the broiler and stick to the grill for moist, juicy burgers. While you're at it, make sure that you keep the grill clean and oiled so that your hamburgers don't stick to the hot metal.

Grill over coals not flames.

Forget all the hooey about flame-broiled burgers - they smell great because all the tasty juices are going up in smoke. Don't put your burgers on the grill until the coals are glowing white hot - hot enough to sear the outside of the burgers and keep the juices in, but not so hot it turns your meat to charcoal.

Don’t apply pressure.

Never ever press down on your burgers or flatten them with a spatula while cooking them. Burgers depend on those juicy fats being trapped inside the hamburger for flavor. If you squish them, you're forcing all the flavor out to burn away on the hot coals.

Flip burgers ONCE.

Resist the temptation to play flip-flop with your burger. Put it on the grill, let it sit for 3 minutes or 4 minutes, then flip it over once and let it sit for another three minutes. If you're making cheeseburgers, put the cheese on about 1 minute into the second side, and let it melt evenly.

A Word about Hamburger Buns

The hamburger bun is the most overlooked part of creating the world's best hamburgers. Go for a good quality bun rather than the supermarket special. Compress the hamburger bun lightly before putting it on the grill, and toast it lightly on the insides of the top and bottom only. You'll end up with a bun that has just the right amount of crisp to soak up those hamburger juices.