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About prepaid cell phone plans: As the heights of technology turns, so do our need to get more millage out of our expenditure. Prepaid cell phone plans were once termed "A Poor Man's Phone Plan." Not anymore, prepaid cell phones are now used by both the rich and the poor, by those with excellent credit, and those with not so good credit. Years ago, it used to be; that if you can't get two year cell phone contract due to your credit ratings -- you settle with prepaid phones. Today's prepaid cell phones users are different; they are those who choose to use their resources wisely, by equating proper usage time to actual cost.

Prepaid cell phone plans, or "pay as you go" is probably the best phone plan available anywhere today, in my opinion. I know that I might be a minority with such an opinion, but here is why I believe it. You can get almost any features you want with a prepaid cell phone plans as you would with regular contract non prepaid phones. For example, here are few sample features that you can get in your prepaid plan if you choose to: voice mail, texting, long distance and nationwide network, walkie-talkie, etc.

Why would anyone choose to use prepaid cell phone over regular non prepaid phone plans?

There're several sensible reasons why that choice would be very easy for some people to make. For instance, what if you only need your cell phone for an emergency use only -- say four times a week, or how about if you only need a cell phone on you just in case if you have a flat tire so that you can call AAA, or 911? You see, it would be very unwise for anybody to get bogged down with years of contractual obligations when you can easily pay as you go with prepaid cell phone plans.

Here are some notable advantages why cheap prepaid phones are better than non-prepaid phones:

  1. No deposit required: You don't have to put any money down -- because there is no contract, and you only pay as you go, there is no need for deposit, which is normally something some providers can hold over your head, to make sure that you don't abandon the contract.
  2. No activation fees: You are not required to pay activation fee, once you paid for your prepaid phone kit, the only thing you pay for is the usage time.
  3. Unlimited prepaid calling: If unlimited prepaid calling was your choice, you can make unlimited call within the specified time period based on how much you paid. Unlimited prepaid calling can be pricy sometimes -- so the only good reason to do it; would be to escape being tied-down to a contract.
  4. Refillable minutes: The ability to refill your minutes whenever you need more minutes is worth noting. If you run out of minutes and need more, you pay and refill it as needed -- your choice, no contract to force you do anything.
  5. No roaming charges: Yes, no roaming charges, just as you would with some non prepaid phone plan. As long as it was a part of your package, you can use your prepaid cell phone outside your primary calling area -- or even use a different provider's network without extra charge.

I want to emphasize that some of the noted advantages above are not unique to prepaid cell phone plans, but to make clear that you can get almost any type of features and usage benefits with prepaid plan as you would with regular plan without paying too much for it, or bogged down with contracts and fees.

Though prepaid cell phone plans has a lot of advantages over non prepaid phone package in specific areas. It should also be noted that it doesn't work for everybody. If your usage time is centered on emergency use only, or specific time only use; prepaid cell phone will save you time and money -- if you intend to use it as regular cell phone so that you can avoid contracts, it may not save you money