The New OmegaFind Toolbar: INSTALL TOOLBAR NOW FAQ

The New OmegaFind Toolbar gives users the unique ability to search the internet from anywhere online without having to visit a search engine first!  However, that's just one of the many features this simple to install browser plug-in allows its users to enjoy.  Combining Free Email, Popular Search Channels, Entertainment Links, and much more makes the OmegaFind Toolbar a "Must Have" browser installation.

The OmegaFind Toolbar easily installs itself, and becomes part of your IE browser's toolbar family with the click of a button.  You'll save valuable online time by searching the internet from your browser toolbar and not having to visit a search engine, plus so much more!

Did we mention the best part?  The New OmegaFind Toolbar is 100% FREE!!!

OmegaFind Toolbar Features:

*  Instant internet searches without having to visit a search engine.
*  Popular Channels loaded with quick links to favorite sites.
*  Entertainment Links to the webs most popular websites.
*  Free OmegaFind Email accounts for you and your family.
*  Automatic updates keep your toolbar on the cutting edge.
*  Simple install and uninstall features in a single compact file.
*  100% Free for anyone to download/install and use instantly.
*  Your information is kept totally private and is not shared with anyone.
   (For more information about OmegaFind privacy polices click here).
*  Much more coming in our free instant updates.

System Requirements:

*  Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
*  Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or later


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is The OmegaFind Toolbar?
The OmegaFind Toolbar is a very small utility file that is added onto your internet browser. Once installed, a compact interface allows users to access popular websites, and perform web searches, much faster and easier than they could before.

Additional Features:
Pop-Up Protection: This amazing feature helps to completely stop pop-up advertisements from loading onto your screen. We sell this feature in its own form for $25.00, but now it's included free within our toolbar.

Speed Increase: You'll enjoy an increase in speed while searching with our toolbar. By reducing the amount of needless clutter on the desktop, open windows, and junk advertisements - Your computer will not have to work as hard. This is essential for anyone without high-speed internet access.

World-Class Search Functions: Our toolbar defaults with all the major search engines that you may already be comfortable using. Many links are neatly packed inside so you do not have to visit each one manually.

Why is the OmegaFind Toolbar free?
We hope to make OmegaFind your favorite search engine online. With our comprehensive search functions, free internet services, and extensive business resources coming soon, we decided to create a uniform platform for searching online that everyone can enjoy. While making searching much faster and simpler, and helping to greatly reduce pop-up advertisements, we feel new users will be impressed and a steady user base will develop.

What are the system requirements for The OmegaFind Toolbar?
Minimum requirements are Microsoft Windows running Internet Explorer 5.01 or later versions.

Is there a toolbar available for Mac users?

Can I turn off the toolbar?
Yes. You can easily turn the toolbar on and off.

Does The OmegaFind Toolbar monitor online activity?
The OmegaFind Toolbar does not contain any adware, spyware, or third party applications. All users will enjoy complete privacy and anonymity with the exception of basic user agent information data.  This only allows us to determine what kind of browser is in use and how many toolbars are used so that we may continually improve the quality of the toolbar.

How do I uninstall The OmegaFind Toolbar?
Within the toolbar there is a link to uninstall and remove the utility from your computer.

Does OmegaFind offer any support?
Yes. However, our utility is extremely simple to use. Within seconds after installation most people feel very comfortable.



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